Friday, June 27, 2008

Performance - Go Green

Performance is not just making system to run faster. It effective use of whatever is available to us. Few questions/suggestions for us:
  1. Have we switched off your monitor while leaving for break in the middle of work?
  2. Have we switched off your computer while going home? Our systems are not server that is accessed 24x7. Nothing wrong is wasting 2 minutes next day morning to turn on.
  3. Have we turned off your bike in signal?
  4. Have we turned off the switch after charging the mobile?
  5. Do we use printer effectively? (2 sides printing, print 2 pages on each side etc.,)
  6. Use reusable plates rather than using plastic or paper plate.
  7. Replace normal bulb with a compact fluorescent. Saves electricity. (google: ban the bulb).
  8. Don’t keep your refrigerator door open for long time.
  9. Please don’t use PLASTIC or try to minimize.

I am planning to follows this atleast from today.

These are very few things but can make big difference. Go Green.



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