Saturday, July 26, 2008

Performance in Linux and Windows Servers

Performance of Windows Servers are quite unpredictable. The CPU mainly is totally not understandable. It does not show any trend. It could go to the peak load at very initial stages of the load test and would remain there for the remaining duration of the test run. Sometimes, it can also be observed that at some load, the CPU comes down and goes up again. Even the Memory and other parameters that are mainly considered for the performance tuning show sporadic nature. But the response times might show a constant trend. Due to these unpredictability, it is very difficult to predict the optimised Parameters of the performance.

Peformance of the same parameters in the Linux and AIX machines are very trendy. They show a particular trend with which it is very easy to predict and recommend various Performance parameters to optimise the performance of these Servers. It can even be observed that the response time statistics are very much in the trend with the UserLoad and CPU Utilisation, etc.

The observations are of my personal experience. Comments, suggestions and Views are welcome.

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